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Seriously Scale Turbine Helicopter

Seriously Scale Turbine Helicopter

Filmed at the Tokoroa Airfield in New Zealand, this Russian heli has a multitude of scale details, including rockets that explode when they hit the ground! The poster notes that New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority had approved the rockets, which are reportedly Bird Bangers, pyrotechnics used to scare away nuisance birds from an area. With or without the armament it’s certainly an impressive aircraft! Our thanks to XJet for taking this great video and posting it on YouTube.

Updated: August 10, 2015 — 11:35 AM
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  1. Awesome video, but this is nota Mi-24 (Hind) this is Mil Mi family chopper

  2. That is the coolest helicopter ever! It would also be a great way to keep the neighborhood kids off your lawn…

  3. Fantastic. Only thing distracting is people talking in background.

  4. and where can we,the people,get one of these bad little machines!!! i love it and would love to see it on the shelf at my local hobby store!!! PLEASE!!!!

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