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RC Servo Speed Reducer — McDaniel Go Slo III

RC Servo Speed Reducer — McDaniel Go Slo III

This useful unit slows down the operation of proportional servos without affecting the servos’ output torque. Distributed by Sonic-Tronics, the McDaniel Go-Slo III contains an internal voltage regulator for stabilization and an 8-bit microprocessor to maintain precise servo control. The unit has two easy-to-adjust potentiometers to adjust servo speed: one controls the up direction, and the other controls the down direction. Able to control up to three servos (which are plugged directly into the device), the Go-Slo III is compatible with 4.8 and 6V servo systems. The unit’s receiver lead is made out of 22-gauge wire, so it can handle the power required for three servos. Priced at $42.95, two versions of the Go-Slo III are available: The Mcd880 has two parallel outputs, with the third output reversed, and the Mcd881 has three parallel servo outputs.


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