Shop Tip: Extend your Axle Length

Shop Tip: Extend your Axle Length

The stock hardware that comes with many of today’s ARF models is designed to do the job assigned and for the most part, they all get a passing grade for quality. If however you try adding accessories, the hardware may have to replaced or modified. An example of this is the new E/Z brake system from Du-Bro. It makes adding “stopping power” easy for any nose gear equipped airplane. But what if the axle length is too short? Here’s a great tip for extending it. And it’s really pretty easy.

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Extending the length of your axle is very easy to do yourself.  Here’s how to do it.


1.            Obtain brass tubing that will fit onto the axle with the least amount of “slop”

2.            Cut tubing to length desired for axle.

3.            Using sandpaper, rough up the axle surface.

4.            Solder brass tubing to axle.

5.            Obtain brass tubing to fit inside first tubing to act as a “filler” piece to provide more rigidity.

6.            Cut filler piece to desired length and solder inside the first tubing.


(Above) Here is a typical Du-Bro E/Z brake system attached to a nose wheel assembly. Having the proper axle length is important.

Also be sure to properly attach and tighten the wheel collar to hold the nose wheel in place. A drop of thread locker will help prevent the set screw from coming loose.

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Updated: April 17, 2019 — April 17, 2019


  1. Sweet….. So simple… its a “why didnt that occur to me”?

  2. You can also just leave the end of the brass sleeve unfilled and after fitting the wheel drill through the brass tube and add a cotter pin to secure the wheel. This looks really good on WW1 bipes.

  3. If you install a piece of music wire the same size as the landing gear wire inside the brass extension it will provide a more solid anchor point for the wheel collar set screw to seat into. The cotter pin idea is a good one also.

  4. Whata great fix, I just went through putting the BuBro brake on ,but i used a method not as easy or simple.

    Why doesn’t Dubro include these tubes in the brake kit…???????????????? 40fordbob

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