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Shop Tip Video — Splicing Balsa Sheeting

Shop Tip Video — Splicing Balsa Sheeting

When you start building larger model airplanes, you need to start splicing wood for larger than average wings. Here’s a shop tip from our own Gerry Yarrish for making slices that are strong, neat and smooth. You’ll need a metal ruler,  some CA glue, (I use ZAP medium CA and Zip Kicker,) sharp hobby blades for your hobby knife. Sandpaper and a sanding bar, and some masking tape. Here’s a tip: apply some stick on sandpaper to the back out your metal straightedge so it does not slip while making your cuts.
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Stay tuned for more How To Videos from Gerry’s workshop.

Updated: July 28, 2015 — 3:03 PM
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  1. While CA is quicker, I prefer to use an Aliphatic Glue (i.e. Super-Phatic) as it sands cleaner than CA’s.

  2. I cannot view this video. Kultura offers a solution @ $1000 a month.

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