Smoke On! — Add an easy Show-Stopper Smoke System

Smoke On! — Add an easy Show-Stopper Smoke System

At full-scale and RC airshows alike, watching aerobatic aircraft equipped with smoke systems adds greatly to the appeal for both spectators and pilots. Experienced pilots will make the aircraft all but disappear within the smoke during torque rolls, tail slides, and so forth. Simply put, SMOKE is a pure attention-grabber! I recently decided to upgrade the smoke system in my Hangar 9 Composite QQ Yak 54 ( so I thought it a good time to go over fundamentals for plumbing and mounting the fuel and smoke tank, the pump installation, as well as the radio programming required to regulate smoke fluid as it enters the muffler.


A smoke system includes the smoke pump, gasoline-grade and neoprene fuel lines, a smoke oil tank, fuel fittings, and a smoke muffler. Depending on the pump used, an auxiliary battery to supply power to the pump may be required…

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Updated: December 29, 2016 — 12:58 PM
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