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RC Wing Walkers It’s Showtime!

RC Wing Walkers It’s Showtime!
This video of Richard Rawle’s twin 1/3-scale showplanes outfitted with RC wing walkers will make your day! The formation flight of the Breitling Boeing Stearmans features Richard and Steve Holland on the sticks, with Sharon Stiles operating the animated 30% wing walkers. Each wing walker is fully operational, with five servos that allow them to move their hands, legs, heads and even flip in their harnesses. Our thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon for taking and sharing this fantastic clip.

Updated: May 17, 2018 — 5:26 PM
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  1. Amazing! That is a great idea and ingenious way of adding to the realism of RC flying. You have to appreciate the time, effort, and practice to put on a great performance!

    1. I guess it takes man and his imagination to develop these wonderfully magnificent machines in the scale of realism and joy. Dreamers maybe but captures the spirit of life.

  2. I saw this act at the LMA show in Cosford England this summer and it is even more impressive in person. Great Pilots and Great Planes! Don’t forget Sharon who is operating the wing walking girls.
    A special big thanks to Pete and Deano for letting us join them for a wonderful experience.

    1. thanks for your comments deek, was a brilliant weekend and especialy finaly meeting you and lana, glad you had a good holiday in the uk – best regards pete & deano

  3. Fred Schrank

    I thought I’d seen everything in RC until this! Awesome, simply amazing!

  4. Back in the 80’s Don Harris flew a Waco WMF-3 with a wing walker. Don’s wing walker wasn’t nearly as articulated (I believe he just had arm control…) But when the plane went inverted and Don gave full down-elevator, the wing walker would tumble from his harness. As soon as the crowd gasped that the doll fell off, Don’s 7-year-old son would pop the wing walker’s parachute and pilot him in a smooth spiral to the landing zone while Don turned on the smoke and flew rings around the skydiver.

    The Waco was later replaced with a Smith Miniplane built to allow Charlie (the sky diving wing walker – manufactured at the time by Robbe) to fall out of the cockpit.

    Nice to see some throwbacks to classic air show thrills. I wonder if Charlie would get airsick wing walking on a modern 3D plane?!

  5. This is great! Love everything about scale planes and this just adds to them!

  6. You gotta love a Stearman(or two!). Well flown. Animation was terrific. I knew the girls were just animated figures, but still my stomach was up in my throat through the manuvers!


  8. awesome idea and great flying. I am not the fun police but it sure looks like they were flying over several people at 4:08 it doesn’t matter and don’t beat up on me just pointing it out, we have had a lot of bad press lately and I thought we are all supposed to abide by ama’s rules?

    1. Just a quick reassurance. The people in the flying area were the pyrotechnics team setting up and we flew around them rather than fly directly over them. Camera angles can look deceptive sometimes. I personally don’t like them being out there but that was their decision.

  9. They are fun to fly and I’m glad you all enjoyed watching them.

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