RC Wing Walkers It’s Showtime!

RC Wing Walkers It’s Showtime!
This video of Richard Rawle’s twin 1/3-scale showplanes outfitted with RC wing walkers will make your day! The formation flight of the Breitling Boeing Stearmans features Richard and Steve Holland on the sticks, with Sharon Stiles operating the animated 30% wing walkers. Each wing walker is fully operational, with five servos that allow them to move their hands, legs, heads and even flip in their harnesses. Our thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon for taking and sharing this fantastic clip.

Updated: May 13, 2020 — 8:53 AM


  1. Amazing! That is a great idea and ingenious way of adding to the realism of RC flying. You have to appreciate the time, effort, and practice to put on a great performance!

    1. I guess it takes man and his imagination to develop these wonderfully magnificent machines in the scale of realism and joy. Dreamers maybe but captures the spirit of life.

  2. Absolutely amazing WOW

  3. Simply genius!!! Loved the performance! Congratulations.

  4. Best thing I’ve ever seen; I had a smile on my face during the whole video. And most notable of all is, the Stearmans didn’t need to have 180 inch wing span to impress.

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