Sky Limit Monitor from Winged Shadow Systems

Sky Limit Monitor from Winged Shadow Systems

The “Sky Limit” module monitors altitude and/or flight times of  RC planes. When the plane reaches a user-specified altitude or time limit, it automatically reduces the throttle to a preset level. Applications include: altitude-limited electric soaring (ALES) competition, altitude limiting to meet Club/AMA rules and regulations, keeping planes within visual range, fun-fly and club contests, or just having fun.

The Sky Limit works in any gas-, glow-, or electric-powered model.  Electric motors are turned off completely while engines are throttled down to a reliable idle point.  The user can also choose to allow, or inhibit, throttle restarts after the limit is reached. A tiny, 3.6-gram airborne circuit installs inside the plane connecting to the receiver and the throttle servo or speed control.  A plug-in programmer is used to select altitude (in feet or meters), time, and option settings.

The Sky Limit offers several additional features including maximum altitude capture and display.  A selectable anticipator (anti-zoom) function reduces altitude overshoot.  Additionally, an elevator mode allows experienced pilots to experiment with channels other than the throttle. The plug-in programmer has a two-line LCD display and simple two-button control.  Housed in a compact 1.6″ square enclosure, it is powered by the airborne circuit and needs no batteries.

The altitude limit range is 50 to 9999 feet (15 to 3050 meters).  The timer has a range of 5 to 9999 seconds.  Both can be turned off to allow unlimited flight without the need to remove the airborne unit from the plane. The Sky Limit and the Programmer are available separately or together at a special combo price.  Like all products from Winged Shadow Systems, they are designed and manufactured in the USA.  Complete details (including free instruction sheet downloads) are available at

Sky Limit & Programmer Combo,  $54.90

Sky Limit (airborne unit),  $39.90

Sky Limit Programmer,  $24.90

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