Sneak peek: Aeroworks Freestyle Extra 260 QB-L

Sneak peek: Aeroworks Freestyle Extra 260 QB-L

Freestyle aerobatics can be some of the most exciting type of flying, and nothing does it better than a dedicated machine like the brand new Freestyle Extra 260 by Aeroworks. Part of the Aeroworks QB-L (Quick Build Light) series, it is designed to go together quickly and be very light weight. The airy balsa and lite-ply airframe is covered with UltraCote in an easy to see scheme, and includes a pre-cut decal sheet as well as spare covering material in all colors in case you need to make repairs.
Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Sneak peek: Aeroworks Freestyle Extra 260 QB-L

The hardware pack is among the best I’ve seen; you won’t even want to replace any of it. All of the control connections are ball links for slopfree control, and the rudder features a lightweight pull/pull system. There’s plenty of carbon fiber as well, such as the airfoiled landing gear, wing rod and new flex-free control horns. The fiberglass cowl and wheel pants match the covering perfectly and come drilled for mounting. All you add is the motor, prop and flight electronics and you have everything needed to get the Extra 260 airborne. With a 52-inch wingspan, this plane is easy to transport in one piece, so you spend less time setting up and more time flying. If you do need to take it apart, the plug-in wings make it easy. A well-detailed instruction manual guides you through every step of the short build process. When done, the expert will appreciate the insane performance ability of this 3D machine, while the intermediate will love its easy handling at lower throw settings.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Sneak peek: Aeroworks Freestyle Extra 260 QB-L



The first flight was on an uncommonly cloudy day in Southern California. There was an intermittent breeze blowing almost down the paved runway and just a hint of a chill in the air. After a quick check of the motor and all of the controls, it was time to get airborne. Knowing there would be plenty of power, I took off at about half throttle and still it was airborne in no time. Very little rudder input was required to keep things pointed down the runway. Once off the ground, I gained a little altitude for a trim check, which was one beep of down-elevator. Right away I was completely comfortable with the handling and performed some low knife-edge passes for the camera. Landings are a piece of cake with the light wing loading, and the plane has no issues during roll out.

Name of plane: Freestyle Extra 260 QB-L
Manufacturer: Aeroworks (
Type: aerobatic ARF
Length: 47 in. 
Wingspan: 52 in.
Wing area: 560 sq. in. 
Weight: 54 oz. (w/out battery)
Wing loading: 13.06 oz./sq. ft.
Motor req’d: Hacker A30-12XL (or equivalent)
Radio req’d: 4-channel minimum
Price: $249.95


Updated: July 15, 2015 — 3:20 PM


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