Sneak peek: Align T-Rex 450+ Sport

Sneak peek: Align T-Rex 450+ Sport

The Align T-Rex 450 Sport Plus is one of the latest releases in the Align T-Rex family of great machines distributed through Assurance RC. Align has brought this hobby many different helicopters, ranging from their small 100-class, fixed-pitch RTF machine all the way up to their 700-size, full-collective, flybarless models. Align has become one of the most recognized brands when it comes to RC helicopters. With many 450-class helicopters on the market, this helicopter should surely catch the eye of both the beginner looking to upgrade from a fixed-pitch or coaxial-type model. It should also appeal to a seasoned pro looking for a nice, 3D-capable model. With features like the included charger and 3-cell battery pack, this helicopter is truly ready to fly out of the box. It includes the Align/Futaba T6 2.4G FHSS radio and 6-channel R6GF receiver. My T-Rex 450 Sport Plus did not include any manual, but all product information and instructions for both the radio and helicopter are available online.

The T-Rex 450 Sport Plus is a well constructed pre-assembled, carbon-fiber, four piece frame. There is a nice mixture of metal parts and plastic ridged components used throughout the airframe. There is also a very colorful plastic pre-painted canopy, carbon-fiber main blades, metal head  block and swash, and a two-piece landing  gear leg. With all of the above mentioned, this helicopter is built very well and with the low part count it makes repairs and upgrades easy to accomplish.

Stability: The T-Rex 450 Sport Plus is very stable and only needed a few clicks of cyclic trim to almost hover with hands off. First, liftoff showed no tail wag or any adjustment needed on the gyro. The pirouette rate is very smooth and is not too touchy. After getting a quick feel for the model, I advanced it into forward flight to check the tail and trim settings; all was good!

Tracking: The heli tracks very well throughbasic flight circuits like figure-8s, stall turns, etc. The 450 is very predictable both upright and inverted. Like other T-Rex 450s I have owned and flown, this one with no exception has the “feel” of a larger 500-size helicopter and is not your typical less-expensive 450 helicopter.

Aerobatics: Basicmaneuvers are very smooth and predictable. I flew loops, rolls, split Ss, etc., with ease. 3D flight is even more fun when you’re ready for it. The 450 will do any maneuver in the book you are comfortable with: tic-tocs, flips, death spirals, or whatever you’re ready for. The 450 is right there with you! The Align 450MX Brushless Motor provides plenty of power to fly you through most maneuvers.

Glide and stall performance: Being a small 450-class helicopter, the autorotation performance on this model is not what you would find on a larger class helicopter. Short 20- to 30-foot autos are accomplished, but I would not recommend any more than that! Set your timer, enjoy the flight, and don’t forget to listen for it to go off.

Check out Aaron Strietzel’s full review of the T-Rex 450 Sport Plus in the November issue of Model Airplane News!


Updated: July 16, 2015 — 3:45 PM
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