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Exclusive! Align T-Rex 700E

Exclusive! Align T-Rex 700E

In this economy we are all looking for a helicopter that is the best combination of quality, performance and value. Enter the T-Rex 700E DFC Super Combo by Align. This new T-Rex 700 E is the culmination of everything Align has learned about helicopters, and incorporates new design features to improve performance, reduce parts count and eliminate slop in the control system. And what is equally impressive about this kit is that it comes as a HV (High Voltage) Super Combo, complete with everything you need except for batteries. This means there is no more guessing about what servos to use on the swashplate and tail rotor, what is the best motor for maximum flight duration and performance, what main and tail rotor blades will give the best 3D performance, or what flybarless control system is best suited for this design helicopter. All these components are included, and have been selected by Align to complement each other and the design characteristics of the 700E, to ensure you’ll have the best performing and most enjoyable helicopter from its very first flight.

Every major component is preassembled at the factory, and other individual parts have their appropriate screws installed. However, what is unique about this preassembly is that the bolts did not have any Loctite, which means each bolt must be disassembled, coated with a small amount of Loctite, and then reassembled. Although this is certainly different than what we have seen in other kits, this process eliminates all those bags of little parts, and the tedious process of making sure you have exactly the right screw in the proper place, making the whole assembly process much quicker, simpler and more enjoyable.

The carbon side frames are designed with integrated servo mounts on the main shaft bearing blocks, allowing the three high speed, high torque, Align BL700H HV (high voltage) Brushless cyclic servos to be mounted directly below the swashplate, where each metal servo arm has a direct connection to the ccpm swashplate for faster and more precise control. Sliding battery tray rails molded in the side frames, combined with a patented spring loaded latching mechanism, allows for both quick access and protection of the new cnc aluminum battery mounting plate. An Align 750MX series high efficiency brushless motor, with ribbed case and fan to increase cooling, is mounted as high as possible to raise the center of gravity for better 3D maneuvering and to allow blade downwash to better cool the motor.

My Castle Creations ICE2 HV120 Brushless ESC can be mounted under the canopy or on a top mounted platform behind the main shaft for maximum cooling. CNC helical main and tail drive gears, increase gear mesh area and reduce gear noise in flight. Three bearings support the main shaft for extreme 3D loads, while the new DFC (Direct Flight Control) rotor head is best described as a combination of beauty and performance, providing direct and precise feel while reducing wind resistance for improved 3D performance and higher forward flight speed. The carbon tail boom mounts to the cnc all metal tail rotor gearbox, which uses a new dual point tail pitch control assembly to eliminate slop and increase rudder control. The standard wire tail rotor pushrod is replaced with a carbon fiber shaft for improved performance. The new 3GX Programmable Flybarless Control System is currently the smallest and lightest flybarless system on the market, and uses three different flight modes to provide customized flight control performance for beginners to advanced pilots. Two ports on the 3GX allow a direct connection of two Spektrum or JR satellite receivers, eliminating the need for a separate receiver, and includes full support of Futaba’s S-BUS system. A computer is not required to setup the 3GX, but illustrated computer software instructions provide a step by step setup process, allowing for quick setups without omitting any steps. With the soon to be released Bluetooth connectivity kit the 3GX can be programmed wirelessly from a PC, and eventually there will also be smart phone apps allowing live adjustments without powering down the system. The 3GX can be used with all ccpm swashplates, and also includes a built in Align RCE-G600 governor, eliminating the need for an external governor.

Also included to complete the Super Combo kit is a set of 690mm carbon 3G main blades, 105mm tail rotor blades, and a lightweight and beautifully finished fiberglass canopy.


Updated: July 16, 2015 — 3:45 PM


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  1. Hey Paul, looks really nice. Looking forward to the review in MAN.

  2. Phew! Can’t wait to graduate to the Big Boys! Meanwhile, be patient, I tell myself…

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