Sneak Peek: ElectriFly Mr. Mulligan

Sneak Peek: ElectriFly Mr. Mulligan


The ElectriFly version is a gorgeous ARF that is all built-up construction and beautifully covered in MonoKote. All control surfaces are prehinged for you and glued in place. Construction consists of gluing the tail surfaces in place, bolting on the landing gear and installing your motor and radio gear. A couple of spare nights in the shop will have you flying in no time.



Unique features
One of the most unique features of this ARF is how complete it is right out of the box; you’ll be making airplane noises as you unwrap the pieces. The covering job is a thing of beauty, but we’ve come to expect that from Great Planes. So what is really unique? I found the removable cockpit to be an outstandin  bit of design and implementation. The whole cockpit is held in place with rare earth magnets and it slides straight up to access the motor battery and speed control. Even if you lost a magnet or two, I think it would stay in place. This should be the standard of how things are done in electric ARFs—truly an outstanding idea and it works perfectly.

Pilot Debriefing
I love this plane! I don’t know how to make it any clearer than that, but it’s one that I can see myself flying for a long time. Its distinctive look on the ground and in the air garners a lot of attention and it’s as much fun to watch as it is to fly. Great Planes has come up with a perfect power combination for the plane and the radio link is solid with the FASST system. The only thing I need to do now is buy a couple more batteries for it because I just want to fly it more often. If you’re an intermediate pilot, you can easily have a great-looking scale plane that will be as sporty or sedate as you want to set it up. It can grow with your skills. Installation of flaps on this kit is optional and the instructions are very clear on the installation and usage. The recommended throws are very effective, but don’t cause a significant amount of pitching up of the nose when deployed. I didn’t mix in any elevator and just applied as necessary.

Model: Mr. Mulligan EP ARF
Manufacturer: ElectriFly (
Distributor: Great Planes (
Type: scale ARF racer
Wingspan: 52.5 in.
Wingspan: 441 sq. in.
Ready-to-fly weight: 91 oz.
Wing loading: 29.7 oz./sq. ft.
Radio req’d: 4-channel w/ 4 microservos
Price: $209.For Gregcomplete review, don’t miss the March issue of Model A




Wing area:




441 sq. in.



Ready to fly weight:




91 oz.



Wing loading:




29.7 oz./sq. ft.







41.5 in.



Radio req’d:




4-channel w/ 4










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