Sneak peek: Hangar 9 Taylorcraft 26cc BNF

Sneak peek: Hangar 9 Taylorcraft 26cc BNF

Hangar 9’s BNF (Bind-N-Fly) Taylorcraft does the classic aircraft proud. As soon as you pop the top off the box, you know you treated yourself to many hours of enjoyment. Everything—and I mean everything!—is included; just add your favorite 6-channel DSM2 or DSMX compatible radio and do some basic assembly and you’re ready for takeoff. I feel confident to make the statement that no one can criticize the quality of a Hangar 9 airframe or Zenoah engine. Horizon Hobby kicked it up a notch now we have Bind-N-Fly! In our fast-paced world, flying time is at a premium. Building time? Not until retirement! With this Taylorcraft BNF, however, you can crack open the box after breakfast and be flying, or at least running up the engine, before lunch.

In the Air
After a quick engine warmup, I taxied onto the runway. I slowly added throttle, stretched out my takeoff roll out, then lifted off with a perfectly scale rotation. Climbout was effortless and at altitude I trimmed the Taylorcraft for level flight. I lowered to half throttle to do my scale flybys for the camera. At half throttle, I had enough power to do whatever scale flying I did. Landing could have been done with one hand tied behind my back and one eye covered! I lined up on final, chopped throttle to idle and just let her settle in and almost land herself. All I had to do was flare just before touch-down. On my next flight, I wrung her out a bit. Loops were perfect She came out of the loop where she entered. Rolls were as good as it gets with this style of aircraft. I did some tail slides, hammerheads and touch-n-go’s then it was time to land as I had to go to work. It stinks when life gets in the way of play especially since it was such a good flying day.

Name: Taylorcraft 26cc BNF
Manufacturer: Hangar 9 (
Distributor: Horizon Hobby (
Type: civilian scale
Wingspan: 80.5 in.
Wing area: 1152 sq. in.
Engine included: Zenoah G-26
Radio req’d: 6-channel DSMX or DSM2 compatible
Price: $1279.99

See Craig Trachten’s full review in the April issue of Model Airplane News!



Updated: July 16, 2015 — 3:17 PM


  1. That price must be a mistake. I can buy a car for that price!

  2. Little rough on the sticker there, for just a bit more you can have a full scale!

  3. At any price, without a Futaba for Control, it is not my cup of tea.

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