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Sneak peek: Visiting Hitec RCD

Sneak peek: Visiting Hitec RCD

An inside look at this local hub serving all of the U.S. Recently, I traveled to the Hitec warehouse located in Poway, CA, to visit our good friends Mike Mayberry and Shawn Spiker. These two guys are very well known in the RC community because they attend many events throughout the country during the year. I have personally spent time with them at RCX, SEFF, the NEAT fair, Arizona Electric Festival and the Big Jolt, which are just a few of the events they attend. I personally enjoy visiting with the guys at Hitec because I am always treated to new surprises, which many times includes a sneak peek at some of their latest products.
This trip was no exception to that rule and I was able to check out some of the new telemetry sensors that will soon be available for the Aurora 9 and Eclipse pro radios. The Hitec warehouse stocks all of the Hitec and Multiplex products that are shipped to dealers throughout North America. If your hobby shop has Hitec or Multiplex products in stock, they got them from the Poway location. This hub also takes care of all the service and repairs of all Hitec or Multiplex products in the U.S. and Mexico. Their service department is well stocked with parts along with an excellent group of repair technicians who pride themselves on getting your service issues solved and the product back in your hands as quickly as possible.
The California team is a vital link to the corporate offices overseas and is often called upon for their expertise on the design and application of new products. Mike and Shawn are usually testing out new prototypes of products that will soon be released. As I mentioned, during this visit they were testing out the new telemetry sensors that monitor the voltage and amps, which are relayed back to the Aurora 9 transmitter. Along with that, I got a firsthand look at the new voice system readout. This voice module gives real-time audio readout of your planes status in the air. Of course, the only way to test out new products like these is to go flying! As I said, my trips to Hitec RCD are always a lot of fun.

Be sure to check out the video on ModelAirplaneNews.com that features Mike Mayberry explaining the new telemetry product that will soon be available.

To check out the complete article pick up the out the November issue of Model Airplane News

Updated: July 20, 2015 — 12:09 PM

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