Sniper 3D Helicopter*

Sniper 3D Helicopter*

The Sniper, a new and larger electric helicopter from LAHeli, is the product of extensive development and long experience with the Maxir micro helicopter. LaHeli is committed to producing the best RC helicopters in the world, and the MaxiR has proven this by being one of the best micro Helis on the market! The Sniper follows this philosophy as it combines, and surpasses, the best engineering, performance and handling you can find on any heli in its size class currently on the market.

With a rotor span of just over one meter and a total weight of 1300 to 1500 grams, the Sniper is the ideal medium-size helicopter.

The Sniper has the inherent stability needed for basic training, but is also fully capable of 3D aerobatics. All that’s necessary to adapt it is to install appropriate blades and adjust the control set-up.

Sniper is constructed almost entirely from anodized aluminum and carbon fiber for attractive appearance and strength. The standard main blades are fiberglass; carbon fiber blades are also available.

Rotor Dia.: 1010-1060 mm (39-41″)
RTF weight: 1300-1500g (46-53oz)
Motor: AXI 2820/10 Orbit 15-12
Controller: min. 40A heli
Battery: 3-4S LiPo 2000-4000mAh
Flight Time: 8 – 15 minutes

Price: $589.00

Updated: May 15, 2008 — 10:00 AM
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