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Snoopy Flies Again!

Snoopy Flies Again!

Watch out Red Baron!!! That’s right, Model Airplane News has redrawn the classic plans for Al Signorino’s 1969 RC Snoopy’s Doghouse and we’ve cleaned them up with CAD.

The old original plans were falling apart and so it was time for an upgrade! If you are a Snoopy fan, watch out for the new 50th Anniversary Special Edition plans in an upcoming issue of MAN. For those who know Snoopy’s Flying Doghouse, this is the improved version that was published in 1971 with the extended fuselage box added to re-balance the model so Al could remove some 2 pounds of lead from the model! We’ve very excited!

being test flown without the freewheeling pilot on the roof, the doghouse is a blast to fly.

Ready for a perfect louchdown and landing.

Updated: January 11, 2021 — 9:40 AM


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  1. Nice love rare flying planes would love to buy one of those if every you want to sell please make me first to give. A offer

  2. That’s a really cute plane with snoopy.

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