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Speedy Camera Plane

Speedy Camera Plane

Some of the pilots at WOD this past weekend wanted me to fly with them with the GoPro Hero Camera. So since I was flying a big slow Stearman biplane I had to come up with something better to keep up with the Mustangs! My answer was this hybred Stryker F-27 Q from ParkZone. I removed the nose cone and stuck the camera case to the front of the fuselage. But to balance it, I needed to add almost 7 ounces of lead to the “TAIL”. talk about a weird feeling!

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Anyway, the experiment was a success even though the Mustangs and P-40s were not able to fly a good smooth formation! Some of these guys just like to go fast and low! Oh well, enjoy the show!

Smile, you’re on StrykerCAM!

I love my GoPro Hero Video Camera! We also use a HD version in the shooting of our MAN Aerobatic DVDs sold at the website!


Updated: July 15, 2015 — 4:54 PM


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  1. How did you mount the camera to the nose? Velcro?

    1. Simply removed the foam nosecone and stuck the camera protective case in place with double sided foam carpet tape

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