Speedy Green Machine

Speedy Green Machine

This unique aircraft is an experimental Jet-Bee is a Gee Bee from CARF models that’s powered by a Frank Turbine FR250. This 1/3.2-scale aircraft uses a Powerbox Mercury SRS and is piloted here by Christian Göbel at the Jetpower Fair recently held in Bad Neuenahr Ahrweiler, Germany. We think the Granville brothers would be proud!

Updated: May 8, 2018 — 10:49 AM


  1. Can not even watch the video, your pop up for airplane mag. keeps poping up so much had to leave the page, I already get the mag!

    1. I’ve got the same problem, Bob. The pop-up cancels the video!

  2. Wow, what a ride! And retracts too. Well flown. Looked like it dkdn’t want to come down – used up all the runway.

  3. Just get a pop up blocker. Surprised you don’t use one already. This is an awesome aircraft.

  4. They say it is 1/3.2 scale but isn’t it hard to build a scale model of something that never existed? Just saying…….

  5. The guy needs some flaps and expo on his elevator.

  6. Amaizing,airplane,pilot and landing

  7. Amaizing airplane, pilot and landing

  8. A notorious airplane. One would think with it inherent instability that the speed of the jet would make it ever more squirrely and hard to handle. Either the pilot is really good or the planes design was tinkered with to make it more stable. Very impressive flying and a nice plane… I know it is too much for my skill level!

  9. I have to say, this Turbine Gee Bee is bad to the bone. Unique and different.

    Fortunately, I had no interruptions watching this video. Well done!

  10. After completion, this aircraft saw very less time in the air. Great workmanship but sad to see this creation becoming history.

  11. google youtube popup blocker its like adblocker pro

  12. Vile.

  13. wowwww woowww woowwww !!!

  14. The “Gee Bee” looks and flies just great, BUT, Why when I click on the “more” button on the screen with the “NATO TORNADO”, I get the “GEE BEE” instead??

  15. The Gee Bee doesn’t look like the NATO Tornado. What’s up guys?

  16. where is the NATO Tornado?

  17. Anyone know if you can see more video or photo of this experimental Gee Bee ? Thanks

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