Spektrum AR620 6-Channel Sport Receiver [VIDEO]

Spektrum AR620 6-Channel Sport Receiver [VIDEO]

From Spektrum:
The Spektrum AR620 air receiver is a full-range, 6-channel sport receiver with DSMX/DSM2 compatibility and a compact footprint that’s streamlined to fit in a wide range of models.

More than just a simple box that connects your servos, the AR620 features an internal antenna design that delivers a whole new world of installation ease that includes a higher-level of durability and convenience while maintaining superior full-range performance for your electric or engine powered aircraft.

In addition, the AR620 has been integrated with fly-by range telemetry that includes flight log and receiver battery pack voltage data. Access to telemetry is automatic when used with telemetry-capable Spektrum transmitters. There’s nothing to do in order to enjoy the peace-of-mind instantly knowing receiver battery voltage offers.

No more bind plugs! Instead, a large bind button is used to enter the bind mode. All combined Spektrum gives you more in a basic receiver, like the AR620, so that you can fly with the highest sense of confidence possible and have more fun.


Unlike old technology that requires an external antenna to achieve adequate reception, the new AR620 features an internal antenna design that offers superior full-range performance. In addition, installation is easier than ever, plus there’s no longer a risk of failure due to long-term wire exposure or abuse.

Bind, Redefined

New technology eliminates the need for the old bind plug. With the AR620, a large top-located button makes binding more convenient than ever while two bind-sequence options make the process simpler by allowing you to bind while powering up or after receiver power is connected.


Built into the AR620 is telemetry that automatically delivers vital data to your Spektrum telemetry-capable transmitter. With fly-by range, you can retrieve flight log data such as any fades, frame losses or holds and see receiver voltage status in real-time.


  • Compact low-cost, full-range DSMX receiver with telemetry
  • Antenna-less design increases convenience, performance and durability
  • Integrated flight log and receiver voltage telemetry with fly-by range
  • Streamlined, end-pin design in a lightweight hard-case
  • Large bind-button eliminates the need for the old bind plug
  • Lightweight park flyer-size with full-range performance
  • Ideal for most aircraft including indoor sport models


Antenna Length: Internal
Band: 2.4GHz
Bind Method: Bind Button
Channels: 6
Data Port: No
Failsafe: Yes
Flight Log Compatible: No
Height: 0.71 in (17.9mm)
Input Voltage: 3.5-9V
Length: 1.26 in (32.1mm)
Modulation: DSMX/DSM2
Number of Receivers: 1
Range: Full
Resolution: 2048
Rev Limiter: No
Telemetry: Integrated
Type: AR620 6 Channel Sport Receiver
Water-Resistant: No
Weight: 0.28 oz (8g)
Width: 1.04 in (26.4mm)

#SPMAR620 – $39.99

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Spektrum AR620 6-Channel Sport Receiver

Updated: August 24, 2018 — 4:20 PM


  1. the most important thing you did not address is the servo hookup in this video!!! receiver servo slots are labeled 1,2,3,4,5,and 6. HELP

    1. noticed that also on my ar620 receiver. battery is left empty. #1 throttle #2 aileron #3 elevator #4 rudder #5 retracts #6 ???? don’t know. this is what works for me hope this helps anybody, they should list this in manual.

    2. I have 2 planes with the AR620, I cant figure out why my flaps will not work on ch 6, as directions tell me??

  2. Would also like to know what the normal servo setup would be as compared to spectrum receivers that show rudder,elevator etc.

  3. noticed that also. trial and error on ar620 of mine shows from #1 throttle #2 elevator #3 aileron #4 rudder #5 retracts. don’t know what #6 is???? don’t use battery below #1 because I fly electrics. this works for me, hope this works for you.

  4. would like to know the designated channels for servo setup. can not tell by just numbers.

  5. What is the fail safe feature? How does it work?

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