Spektrum DX7 Special Edition Transmitter (MD1 and MD2)

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SE—Special Edition…And Serious Edge

Take the already groundbreaking features of Spektrum’s DX7 radio system, including the unmatched clarity of DSM2™, ModelMatch™ and ServoSync™…then take it to the next level specifically for cutting edge heli pilots. The result is the DX7se. It’s about way more than looks.

The Search for Speed Stops Here

The DX7se takes Spektrum’s already incredible speed and gives it a shot of adrenaline. Combining an 11ms frame rate with a latency range that’s 50% less than our nearest competitor delivers the absolute fastest air radio on the market with the most consistent response. And that low latency range is attributable directly to Spektrum’s unique DSM technology. In the pursuit of even more precise control, heli pilots are looking for an extreme link between their radio systems and control surfaces, and the DX7se offers just that. No other radio system has a lower latency, resulting in a responsiveness that is nearly telepathic without compromising the RF link quality.

Resolution—It Means More than Clear Pictures

The DX7se boasts ultra-high 2048 resolution, providing precision to go along with its unprecedented speed. What does that doubled resolution mean for you? It means the most precise feel you could possibly imagine from a radio system.
The increased resolution of the DX7se makes the difference between standard control and gliding smoothness, eliminating any notched feelings or hesitation. Control inputs and responses are so smooth, you’ll swear that you’re flying on a hard-wired connection. And all of this with the incredible range and interference-free control of Spektrum™ DSM2.

The Speed You Need

One thing is undeniable—if you want the fastest response time and lowest latency for your high-performance heli setup, the DX7se is the only system to choose. Take the controls and see for yourself. Only Spektrum can offer this connected feel.

Key Features:

  • Throttle Curve (3) (5-point mix)
  • Pitch Curve (4) (5-point mix)
  • Revolution mix
  • Gyro Sensing
  • Swashplate Type (1-servo normal, 2-servo 180, 3-servo 90, & 3-servo 120)
  • Programmable Mix (3)
  • 20-Model Memory
  • Model Select
  • Model Name
  • Model Type Select
  • Model Reset
  • Throttle Recovery
  • Input Select (Switch for Aux 2 & Gear Channels)
  • Dual Rate Switch Select
  • Timer
  • 3-Axis (Dual Rate & Expo)
  • Exponential
  • Servo Reverse
  • Sub Trims
  • Travel Adjustments
  • Servo Monitor
  • Special Ediction neck strap included
  • Note: the trainer function has been removed from the DX7se

Product Specifications:

# of Channels: 7
Modulation: DSM2
Band: 2.4GHz
Servos: none
Model Memory: 20
Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type: 1500NiMH

SPM27311 – DX7 Special Edition Transmitter Only MD1  – $319.99

SPM2731 – DX7 Special Edition Transmitter Only MD2  – $319.99

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 11:16 AM


  1. Is it possible to switch a DX7 from mode 1 to mode 2?
    If so, how is it reprogrammed.

  2. Is it possible to switch a DX7 from mode 1 to mode 2?
    If so, how is it reprogrammed.

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