Spektrum High-Current Voltage Regulator

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Spektrum’s new 10-amp, 6-volt VR6010 High-Current Voltage Regulator installs between a model aircraft’s battery and receiver to deliver a constant 6v to the receiver and servos from 5-cell packs or 2s Li-Po sources.


SPMVR6010 High-Current Voltage Regulator


Brings higher voltage packs within the operating limits of most servos

Delivers a steady 6 volts ensuring consistent servo performance throughout the discharge cycle of the battery

Includes a fail-on switch and 16-gauge heavy-duty input and output wires with EC3 connectors

Drop in addition for the AR9100

NEW Spektrum Li-Po Receiver Packs


Spektrum’s new Li-Po receiver battery packs are designed to work directly with the AR9100 receiver and the new VR6010 Voltage Regulator.

Updated: July 15, 2015 — 4:30 PM
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