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  1. An absolutely incredible accomplishment. I used to watch them take-off and land at Midway Airport in Chicago. I did notice one discrepancy from every Connie I have seen. I never saw a Constellation with two-bladed props. Only three. But on the model, the only time this was obvious was when it was on static display. Otherwise, a modeling triumph.

  2. Beautiful plane brings back a lot of memories, being a Korean war Vet I crossed the Atlantic 4 times in the early 50,s in a Super Cony Mats plane, 86 my next birthday an still flying models ……………

  3. Beautiful. I flew as passenger on the Constellation many times using the Eastern Air Lines shuttle. The only thing missing on this model was the oil streaming over the wings from each engine.

  4. Great model!!I wish they had 4 Moki Radials in it tho..

  5. Wow! What a beautiful build. I envy you pilits that make it look so easy to fly these big birds. Amazing skills at all aspects. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Terrific model of a beautiful airliner – no prettier airliner ever(except maybe “the Doug”). Nicely flown and videographed. Dimensionally bigger than a Pitts Special and weighs (just barely) more than me! Sounds great too. The landing gear are exceptional – very Connie-like – however the wheels are flimsy-looking. The electrical cabling to the LG light is a little chintzy. I’ll stick my neck out and say that I don’t like the props. Still and all, breathtaking!

  7. My dad flew this airplane in the ’50s, for TWA,,I flew with him many times, he was the Captain and I would board with him, no ticket, sit where he told me,,many times in the cockpit,,and even the left seat,,,I was 12 or 13 years old did not appreciate what an opportunity I was experiencing,,back when flying was fun,,not like now days !!

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