Stunning Corsair — Crash Landing!

Stunning Corsair — Crash Landing!

Check out this beautiful Vought F4U Corsair with a wingspan of 7 feet, 10 inches. It weighs in at 35 pounds and is powered by a four stroke radial UMS 5-125cc gas engine. The video starts out with a walk-around and ends with a crash. The damage doesn’t look too bad but what do you think went wrong?

Updated: November 12, 2023 — 3:00 PM


  1. Engine quit and stalled

  2. Engine did quit, however his approach was too slow and he was also over controlling his inputs. If he had more speed it would had been a good landing.

    1. Exactly to much input on the elevator and too slow

  3. To slow and to mush on the elevator should have came down to soon

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