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Suggestions welcome!

Suggestions welcome!

The ModelAirplaneNews.com website has grown by leaps and bounds since we reworked it in April of last year, and many of the tweaks and fixes we made were directed by your comments. For example, you may notice that the Radio Control Show doesn’t automatically play every time you open the page (high-fives to everyone who wrote to us about that!), and we’ve added more how-to articles and videos because, well, you said you wanted them! We’ve noticed that our just-for-fun (or even non-RC) videos get a lot of traffic, so we’re working to create a landing page especially for them (stay tuned!). The site will continue to evolve and develop, and we hope you’ll continue to comment and send your feedback. We read all of the comments on the site, and you can email us directly at man@airage.com. Thanks for your support!

Updated: January 5, 2012 — 8:48 AM
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