Sullivan offers Marcy Jones’s Wheel Chocks

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Sullivan offers Marcy Jones’s Wheel Chocks
Avid NortheasternRC enthusiast Marcy Jones invented the chocks in 2003 and has been testing and perfecting them ever since.  Sullivan Products had the smarts to recognize a good product when they saw them.  These are designed to provide maximum safety and security for your plane during transportation, conserve space in trailers, trucks and vans, enhance storage efficiency, and stop planes from rolling around during hardware and radio installation.  Made of aluminum the wheel chocks are built to last.
• Maximize security and safety during plane transport
• Conserves space in trailers, trucks, vans, etc
• Great for storage
• Prevents the plane from rolling around during hardware or radio installations
• Made of high strength aluminum
• Mounting screws included
Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Sullivan offers Marcy Jones’s Wheel Chocks
Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Sullivan offers Marcy Jones’s Wheel Chocks


For trailer installation, figure out where and how you want your plane to ride; pointing Fwd/Aft on the floor, or point- ing up or down on the wall. With these chocks and your securing choices, there are many ways to mount on any type of surface. For larger planes, you might need an extra hand for proper installation. Once you know how and where your plane will ride, mount the chocks to hold your axles with the plane all the way Fwd or Aft in the chocks axle slots.

Depending on wheel size and gear angle, the chocks can go on either inside or outside of the tires, slanting in or out, you decide. Either way make sure it is a tight fit against the tires. Tip: Flex the landing gear either in or out 1⁄4-1” to make that tight fit. Mark the location and pre drill under size hole on the mounting surface.

Mount the chocks with the mounting screws in the slots provided. Now it is up to you to choose how you will hold your plane in the axle slots. This is really important!!!. I use bungies to pull the plane Fwd/Aft in the chocks with a good amount of tension so the plane is really tight in the chocks, pulling the landing gear forward with the middle of the bungie in a hook mounted on the floor. When mounting vertically, gravity is on your side but you still need forward tension on the axles to keep the plane secure. Next, you want to secure the tail to the floor or wall. Usually I use a bungie over the rear of the fuse just in front of the stabilizer to eye-hooks on the floor/wall. Slip a piece of 3-5” foam pipe insulation over the bungie to protect the top of the rear fuse being held down. To protect your tail wheel, slip a piece of pipe insulation over it between the fuse bottom and floor/wall. BE GOOD TO YOUR PLANES! Marcy Jones

Part Number: S842
Description: Marcy Jones Marvelous Wheel Chocks
Color: Red
MSRP Price: $21.95
Stock Status: In Stock

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  1. Need a video of these in action. Not understanding how they work for sure. Very interested, but again would like to see them put into use, and installed.

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