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Sullivan Products ProRod Control Linkage System & ProCutter

Sullivan Products ProRod Control Linkage System & ProCutter

Setting a new standard for quality heavy duty hardware, Sullivan Products new ProRod control linkage system is the answer for reliable and solid control response. Made with super-strong, gold-anodized aluminum and stainless steel components, ProRod linkage has virtually no play at all even under the most extreme 3D flight conditions.

Included are: a 12 inch 6-32 end thread Aluminum ProRod (S715); six 32 ProConnectors (S594); six 32 ProHorns (S712); and two 1-inch 6-32 Stainless Steel (S492) and four 6-32 Stainless Steel Nuts (S496). The specially designed aluminum pushrods have internally threaded 6-32 inch threads on both ends. And with an internal diameter of 0.107 inch, they are ideally sized for tapping with a 6-32 inch tap should you want to cut the pushrods to a shorter length. With exceptional fit and finish, and priced at $39.00, the complete ProRod System (S710) is an excellent value.

To make the 6-32 Giant Scale ProRod Hardware easier to install, Sullivan has come up with the ProCutter. This control arm hole cutter is a specially sized, stainless-steel tube with a machine-sharpened edge to quickly and easily cut a ½ inch hole into wood, foam, and fiberglass surfaces. Included is a specially sized and machined hardwood plug that strengthens the model’s control surface to properly support the control arm rod.

After gluing it into place, simply cut the hardwood plug to desired length. The ProPlug comes center-drilled and has a counter-bored end to allow the head of the control arm bolt to be hidden beneath the flying surface skin. Priced at $5.88, the ProCutter (S780) is the ideal accessory for the 6-32 ProRod Control System hardware. The hardwood (S781) ProPlugs, packed in a set of four, are available for only $7.01.

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