Super Constellation Flies Again!

Super Constellation Flies Again!

You don’t see large prop-powered commercial aircraft anymore, so this model of the 1950s Super Constellation L-1049C  is a special treat. Max Ulrich built the all-wood plane from enlarged Don Smith plans and in this video is flying it at the Oldtimer Meeting in Switzerland. It’s powered by four 4-strokes. Thanks to RCHeliJet for posting this to YouTube.

Updated: July 27, 2015 — 4:57 PM


  1. Beautiful! Stout landing gear, too.

  2. What a wonderful project

  3. Brings Tears to my Eyes.Beautiful.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! The last Connie I saw fly departed Will Rodgers carrying passengers.

  5. I flew on one of the last Connie’s flying when I was about ten or 11 years old. As I recall it was from Oklahoma City, OK to New Orleans. I remember it was noisy and vibrated like hell! Ha! BEAUTIFUL MODEL!

  6. Worked 26yrs, for Eastern Airlines, Eastern had a fleet of connies back in the old days of commercial aviation !!

  7. I have watched many model aircraft videos over the years, this is without doubt the far best I have ever seen.
    As a youth, I remember waving goodbye to my father in the 1960s as he alighted one of these magnificent aircraft (not sure of the service) from Palmietfontein, which in those days was the only South African international airport in those days.

    Well done guys


  8. I had the opportunity to fly on the military version, EC121 from Korat Thailand to Hong Kong in 1969.

  9. Reminds me of me flight to Tripoli,north Africa in 1962.Wheelus AFB

  10. Beautiful! Stunning! I believe it is a “G”, judging by the tip tanks and lower vertical stab emblems.

  11. There is a restored full size Connie flying in Australia, see

    1. There is also still one flying in Switzerland sponsored by Breitling Watches.

  12. I flew on one in 1965 or 1966 from Anchorage, AK to Shemya on the Aluetian chain. We got there with three engines running.

  13. Was in VW-1 in the late sixties. We had one C121 and nine Willy Victors. Love the beautiful plane. Worked on them for 18 months and got to fly in them as a crew member for a year.

  14. y wife and I both worked for Eastern At the time of the Connie. It was the last of the great aircraft to fly in. You had good seating and those meals served with real Silver ware were just great. The Super Connie was the best when they put the superchargers on it but if you did not know they shifted with power reduction it could unnerve you. OH FOR THE GOOD OLD DAYS. I know of this model and have seen it fly in Florida.

  15. I started with TWA in LAX IN 6/7/57. Fresh out oh High school in Waverly Mo.
    I would watch those Super Gs. And Connie’s fly out over the Ocean.. I would get so home sick ;/
    However those were the days, TWA was such a good company to work for. I lasted 42 years 2 mounts.. Memories you wouldn’t believe.. Then came Carl … What a crying shame. 🙁


  17. This is a model of the lockheed connie in Kansas City, MO. Tail number and all. She will be taking to the air again someday but for now she is sitting in the museum with the rest of the aircraft.

  18. My father was a flight engineer on L749-A. These pictures are special to me. Dad is now 92 yrs old, these will bring a smile to his face….

  19. I am so happy that I started working at TWA when the Connie was still flying (1964)
    I was always thrilled every time I saw it come over the Mo. river and land at kci


  21. Beautyfull airplane, my favorite. While i was stationed in South Korea in 1963, I bought a Super Constellation Jappanese u/control kit, 4 enyas .19 ($4.00 each at the base) and proceeded to build-it. The plans were in jappanese, it had a 5foot wingspan, but i had been building airplanes since 10 years old. I had a Korean worker that was an artist at painting and he did the whole TWA scheme. Next day i flew it on 60foot steels lines, it had about a 35lb pull on the lines. In those days they did’nt have sanding sealer but clear dope mixed with talcum powder took care of it. Lucky I had allready finished and flown it because Kennedy ordered the blockade of cuba and the North Koreans threatened to invade South Korea and we were on alert for 20 days..When i left Korea they put it on display at the crafts shop….thanks…Angelo Quiles

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