Super Hots

Super Hots

By Dan Santich

Kick some tails with the new king in the fun-fly arena!

There is no doubt about it the Hots is hot! Midwest Products has already sold out on their second run of kits and M.A.N. has sold more plans (#4841 for $6.00) for it than for any other model. Why is that? Well, the design speaks for itself. It is simple, attractive, inexpensive to build, and it flies like mad. Put all of these ingredients together and you have a winner.

The Super Hots is a direct offspring of the original Hots, which appeared in the April 1984 issue of M.A.N. This Super version is a larger model that will handle any engine in the .40 to .61 size range. With a .40 on it, it behaves like a real gentleman. Go to a .61 with a pipe and you have guided missile, yet still capable of near hovering at slow speeds. This is due to the extremely thick airfoil and lightweight of the airframe. There are gobs of lift and a prop turning over at less than 1,000 rpm will keep in the air.

To read more, click the link to open the PDF: X02861

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