Super-Scale Spitfire

Super-Scale Spitfire

This magnificent 1/3-scale Supermarine Spitfire is the handiwork of Eric Reboul of France. Powered by a DLE 170cc engine, the Spitfire is equipped with a scale exhaust system that can emit smoke on demand, with smoke oil pumped into the hot exhaust manifold. This 12.3-foot-span model weighs in at 105 pounds and uses Sierra landing gear. Thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon for taking this video at the Willis Warbirds Fighter Meet at the LMA’s Little Gransden event and sharing it with us.

Updated: May 8, 2018 — 10:48 AM


  1. Great video as always!

  2. Very nice, beautifully scale and she flies in a scale manner too….my minor criticisms would be with regards the exhaust management and that the model is overly weathered….I haven’t seen a Spitty in any theater that was that extensively worn and weathered, and only with severe damage did I ever see a Spitfire smoke that heavily. Still a gorgeous model though.

    1. I have to say I agree if anything that could be said against the model it is the paintwork was a touch over done, but hey what a magnificent job despite that

  3. Beautiful plane. Too much smoke.

  4. looks MUCH better without the smoke.

  5. Does any company supply Balsa wood airplane models?

    1. I have a collection of old Balsa Model Airplane kits. The only place that I have been able to locate them is Ebay. They are not cheap, but worth the money.

    2. Here’s a plug….. have a look on Tower Hobbies website

  6. Nice job Eric

    1. c’est une construction mixe pour le prototype. possibilité d’avoir un kit….

  7. Eric, you should be proud. The Spit is absolutely beautiful, and I like the weathering. I hate to be redundant but I have to agree the smoke was way over done. It was like watching a Spitfire after it has been hit by rounds from a German 109 in a dogfight! Good flying as well.

  8. Wow…very impressive. Equally impressive is the pilot’s ability to fly the wing on a very scale looking power to weight ratio. Superb!

  9. Aw man. Whatta lotta detail! Loved the war-weary finish – inside and out. My heart skipped a beat as Eric dipped into a zoom climb on that low pass over the grass. Must be the fuel-injected Spit as I didn’t notice any engine hesitation during the negative G manuvers. Well flown. Wonderful videography.

    1. Hi there!
      Yeah Vic, I know what you mean. To me, the plane seems to be just a little sluggish like it was under powered. Several times, I was wondering if the pilot was going to get his plane leveled out in time. However, I’m thinking that a three, or four blade prop would greatly improve performance. I’m sure the engine has enough reserve power to handle it, but then the exhaust arrangement could be robbing needed power from the engine. But then, what do I know. The guy did a masterful job building the airplane in the first place and it flies really great.

      Planes underpowered……I hate it when they do that (-:. Best to you, bye

  10. In my opinion, its to heavy and it is very noticeable every time the nose is pointed upwards, as speed and rpms drop very rapidly… in fact, everytime he plans to do any upwards manuver he dives full bore first…

  11. Truely amazing plane. Thank you for sharing your skills and aircraft.

  12. Wanderfull I like scals from WW ll

  13. I’ve been an airplane nut since I was a kid. I lived not far from an Air National Guard training base during the time they trained with Mustangs. At the time nothing sounded like a Mustang and not much that I’ve seen to date moved like a mustang. Those Packard/Rolls Royce Merlin engines were the sweetest music to my ears. Anyhow, the video of the spitfire was impressive. I Loved seeing this fine example of craftsmanship built into the airplane and the pilot skill to boot. The paint job was also very creative, like it had seen a few scraps with a couple of Jerry aces on the way over to the field, but I didn’t see any bullet hole patches. The smoke was realistic, but would have looked better had it been emitting from only one side of the plane. There is one thing though that bothers me about the whole thing and it’s puzzled me for a while and it’s not only in this case. But I see it all the time. The builder spends so much money, time and pays enormous attention to detail in building these amazingly realistic flying machines. So, you’d think he’d do a little more to finish the icing on the cake by showing off his wonderful example of exacting craftsmanship by equipping it with a standard issue, scale prop. But OH NO….it would seem that a three, or four bladed prop is not necessary. Just that one little detail being left out makes the whole thing look crappy. Now, I may be wrong for the first time in my 73 years being here on earth and if I’m wrong, I apologize profusely. But, I’ve been to a lot of air shows, looked at many, many airplane pix and watched many war movies, lots of those staring John Wayne. But,I never did see a genuine, in the flesh spitfire, or a Mustang for that matter equipped with a cheap old two bladed prop. Furthermore, in my humble opinion for what it’s worth, and I’m sorry if my passion is getting the best of me. But anyone who has the guts to show up at a flying field with a beautiful example of a P-51, a P-40, or a B17, etc. sporting two bladed props should be laughed off the field and not be allowed to put their substandard examples of otherwise beautiful works of art among the rest of the more respectable examples of the proud heritage these symbols represent. So there, I’ve said my piece, a pet peeve I’ve been wanting to get off my chest before I die. Thanks for indulging me, now I feel like I can go to bed and have a good nights sleep, knowing that I’ll never see a super scale model airplane sporting the wrong type prop. OK guys, go ahead and pounce on me for being so mean. Actually under most circumstances, I’m a pretty nice, even tempered, agreeable guy, except for this one thing that’s been driving me nuts for a while. These guys should know better.

  14. fantastic model and excellent flying!
    I agree with the others though on the smoke…lose it…far too distracting unless the model is intending to represent a WWII plane coming back home after meeting up with some ME-109s, lol!

  15. where is possible to buy that little chief jacket ?

  16. bouncy, bouncy, it’s enough to make you weep! otherwise nice landing. I agree lose the smoke and do away with a lot of the weathering.

  17. Gorgeous and well flown… But… The smoke system takes something away from it, doesn’t suit sorry to say…..

  18. This clip was like watching an air show. Spitfires and the navy version of the Spitfires called the Sea-fires were great fighters. Remarkable engineering.

  19. Fantastic plane! Better without smoke!

  20. Very nice, nice and big, great smoke.

  21. Fantastic plane, fantastic pilot, fantastic builder ! Well done Eric Reboul !

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