Super-size Skyraider

Ali and his super-size Skyraider

Custom-built by Phil Clarke of Fighter Aces for world-class pilot Ali Machinchy, this 30% scale Skyraider is based on an 80% enlargement of the 100-inch span Nick Ziroli plan. Phil notes, “The structure has been heavily modified to cater for the weight and size increase to allow the model to be successfully passed through the Large Model Association Over 20kg Inspection. The 180-inch-span model weighs in at 182 pounds and is powered by an impressive Moki 400cc 5-cylinder radial. With only a few videos available on YouTube, we wonder what happened to this giant warbird … if anyone reading this aware of its fate, please let us know in the comments!

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  1. That announcer is frigging annoying, SHUT UP!!!!

  2. Found this information over on RCMF…

    Re: 30% Douglas Skyraider – HAS FLOWN
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    Thank You

    Yep…as Steve says, the raider has now been sold. Ali received a ‘too good to run down’ offer from a foreign customer of his, so it ‘had to go’ (the big C-17 has also gone)…….as shame personally as we were looking forward to getting the big flat 4 up and running and transforming the performance of the Raider……..but that’s life I guess, we’re both in this as a ‘business’ so if these opportunities come up, they have to be taken………….


  3. Also, here’s a link to the early construction stages of the 30% Skyraider

  4. Why are people in love with their own voices given access to microphones? Geez! The plane is remarkable. The announcer? Not so much.

  5. What Reginald said. It would have been very nice to HEAR THE ENGINE rather than the announcer. Word of advice to him. SHUT THE HELL UP.!!!!!. As for the plane, VERY NICE JOB . I WANT ONE

  6. There seems to be a trend , judging by the first three comments

  7. I agree with Larry Kruze. Spoils by announcer, detracts from the plane.

  8. Readers might try Ali Machinchy’s Facebook page…at the very least you will see some really, really big models. Are any of these guys married?

  9. For more videos ‘without’ the annoying announcer just go to YouTube and type in 30% Douglas Skyraider. There are at least 3 or more videos that have that beautiful 400cc radial roaring in the air

  10. What part of “PLEASE SIT DOWN SO OTHERS CAN SEE” did the gawkers not understand?

  11. I should have watched with the volume off because of that annoying announcer. But that radial engine……….wow

  12. Unlike the rest of you, I disagree that the announcer was just “in love with his own voice”. I believe he was speaking to the audience, not the other modelers, and giving them a rundown on the model as well as details on the full scale plane. I think that his commentary was informative and made the video more interesting than just watching the plane fly back and forth.

  13. I agree – woould have been super if the announcer had just shut up and let the plane speak for itself

  14. Don’t you just love this hobby!!! This guy has the touch! I’m a ham -and -egger but will keep trying.

  15. Actually the SB2C Helldiver was the replacement for the SBD.

  16. I’m new to the sport of rc. Where or how do you store a plane that big? When the planes are retired are they donated somewhere …..museums or to hang at a hobby shop ?

    1. Not too many get to ‘retire’,,, Almost every plane has an ”expiration” date on them…

  17. Yeah……got one of those!!!!!

  18. It was an airshow. Airshows have announcers. I thought he did a nice job addressing the crowd. Maybe it is me, but there was a time when telling someone to “shut up” was bad manners. Now it is totally acceptable. Plane was fantastic. Love the sound of a radial engine.

  19. Loved it. I flew 1000 hrs in the beast from USS Intrepid and USS Enterprise in the early 1960s. Well presented. I enjoyed the commentary as well.

  20. You got to give this Lady credit ( Debra ) I am glad she has a passion for Aviation and RC. She is one of a Special
    breed. Thanks Debra

  21. Hate to complain but the static pictures are too small and i agree the announcer was utterly annoying.

  22. Not only was his commentary a bit annoying it was inaccurate. All he could talk about was its Navy history flying off of aircraft carriers in the 1950s. This Skyraider (Sandy) is a USAF Viet Nam era A1-H.The objects that were jettisoned were dummy fuel tanks. Too bad the airplane didn’t use a 4 blade prop, that would have been very cool. I also would like to have seen it done in a VNAF color scheme, they were more colorful than the USAF used. All and all a very nice good looking and flying BIG airplane.

  23. PS:The first drop were bombs the second drop was the center line fuel tank.

  24. Worst announcer ever! Put a cork in it buddy.
    The cameraman is no prise either. If you want to video model aircraft get a tripod and are least keep the model in the frame. A bad video all around.

  25. Good to see a pilot that can run a straight line down the runway.

  26. Dear Sir

    This model was sold to a collector in Saudi And is belived to be assembled and kept in a airconditioned room with a lot of other models.

    1. this is from Al’s website e-mail

  27. Having been in Skyraider Squadron VA 25 -1962 / 66 I really enjoyed this video and for the life of me cannot understand the people who don’t like the announcer – there are other videos of this plane that have nothing but engine noise -and it does not sound much like a real 2 stage supper charged -manual shift- 18 cyl- Wright R-3350 – so lighten up- I found the announcers information to be pretty accurate other than some omissions -such as the fact that this plane could deliver both Atom & Hydrogen bombs – I know I loaded many of them & was involved in the check out procedure for delivery of those weapons – I was also there for the – VA-25 Toilet Bomb load
    ( google) – this toilet was a damaged unit >check fwd rt hand mount flange< also earlier in the cruise two of our pilots Clint Johnson & Charlie Hartman were credited with a Mig kill , I was one of the trouble shooters that sent out that launch off the USS Midway- this can be found on U-tube under – " Gun Kills of Vietnam" Clint narrates the video, – as far as the individual who thinks these planes were originally Air Force -never happen all the planes the Air force had were ex navy planes – we had 12 planes in our squadron and we always left 11 of them behind for the Air Force and S. Vietnamese AF. the planes that were brought out of the bone yard – Litchfield Park- were refurbished by the US Navy – I know as I helped remove all that real fine sand dust that had managed to fill the cockpit 25% full . I could go on here but think that's about enough. thanks for putting this video out it brought back some old vivid memories. Bob


      Fred, USMC Aviation late 60’s

  28. The announcer was not the subject of the video- THE PLANE WAS !!!

  29. Fast little tail dragger to be so heavy.

  30. I found the commentary very informative. Without it there would just be noise. Congratulations on a great build!

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