RC Special Ops Heli

RC Special Ops Heli

You’ve got to see the detail on this electric-powered model of the Sikorsky CH-53 Pave Low helicopter to believe it! Built and flown by Reto Marbach, this aircraft is powered by a Pyro 850 Kontronik motor and 200-amp speed Cosmik high-voltage speed control. It weighs in at 37.5 pounds and flies like a dream. Thanks to RCHeliJet for sharing this great video.

Updated: May 21, 2019 — 4:56 PM


  1. Not aware that the Navy flew any Pave Lows. My nephews over 300 combat hours in an Air force Pave Low.

  2. Mike – More confusing are the USAF and Navy graphics. With all the other graphics maybe this was a marketing/airshow airframe for the vendor??????????????

  3. Just a minor comment, the blades are turning the wrong way! US helicopter blades turn counterclockwise, Europe and other countries, for the most part, turn clockwise as viewed from the rear of the aircraft.


  4. My nephew was a long time flight engineer on Pave Lows and his comments are below:

    The Navy doesn’t. This is a CH-53E dressed with the APQ-58 TF/TA radar. Heck, the Navy doesn’t even have CH-53Es. They have the MH-53E Sea Dragon. The USAF was the only branch to fly the Pave Low variant.

    There is no such thing. The model is a huge boo boo. E model horizontal stab, D model tail, D model frame, engines, rotor, with a silly paint job, capped off with a somewhat Pave nose. The SFOR paint on the tank is silly too. Paves never had any SFOR/KFOR markings. Typically those markings were on “slick”, non-SOF Army birds.

  5. Was there a safety switch that was depressed prior to picking up the helicopter? Not so sure I would want to carry the transmitter in one hand and the helicopter in the other, with the battery still connected.

  6. Having been a USAF heavy lift helicopter person who actually worked on these birds I must say that some of the earlier comments are correct. Aircraft 4428 started out as a HH-53B model and later upgraded to the PAVELOW standards. I was a crew chief on sister ship #4431 at Eglin AFB and even worked on the original Black Knight aircraft #4433. I must say it was an interesting video and would have loved to see a rolling takeoff. I did notice the absence of the FLIR ball and no air refueling probe. Truly a nice if not accurate model and I did enjoy seeing her fly

  7. I want to get a Model Airship of ENTENTE CLASS, U.S.S. ENTERPRISE STARSHIP… ANY TAKERS…

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