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Supersonic Scale Starfighter

Supersonic Scale Starfighter

Flown at the Jet World Masters competition, this 1/5-scale F-104N was built and piloted by Christophe Regnier. The 52.6-inch-span jet is built from a Skymaster kit, is powered by a Merlin 200 turbine and uses a Futaba radio for control. We especially like the touch-and-go and the drag chute that deployed on landing! Thanks to RCScaleAirplanes for taking this great video.


Updated: January 14, 2016 — 10:49 AM
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  1. VERY VERY VERY NICE. Good job.

  2. Beautiful airplane and great flying.

  3. Hello Ms. Cleghorn, what models do you fly? Do you fly helicopters and fixed wing? Just curious. Thanks for a wonderful magazine over the years. I used to fly slope gliders for years but now I olny fly helicopters. Wow, what a challenge they turned out to be.
    Nelson Johnson, Austin, Texas

  4. Superb model beautifully and realistically flown. Gotta love anhedral. Well photographed too. Ummm – drogue popped alittle late though.

  5. Awesome. Thanks for showing us. Great work.

  6. Youu might want to mention that it’s a model of a cold war era F1104 Starfighter. Also nick-named the manned missile.

  7. Newvermind. The abstract of this I got in email didn’t list the model’s specific. Just said it wwas a jet fighter.

  8. Wonder what a FX-30 transmitter is or available?

  9. It even has scale “Smell” …………………… cool.

  10. Have been drafted into the Royal Dutch Airforce for 18 months long tim ago as an assistent crewchief.
    Very special aircraft!

  11. WOW..That’s a tough airplane to control. Great job.

  12. Also known by the luftwaffe as the ‘ widowmaker’ .

  13. Gotta be one of the top 5 coolest jets ever made.

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