SV17cc Gasoline Engine from Troy Built Models

SV17cc Gasoline Engine from Troy Built Models
















This is a reprint of the Engine Review published in the January 2010 issue of Model Airplane News.

There has been a tremendous uptick in interest for gasoline engines in the “below 20cc” size class,

and this is the first engine MAN reviews in that class. For your RC Airplane, this little gas burner has

lots of advantages. Check out the article below.





(above) Included hardware that comes with the SV17cc gas engine.




(above) My Test Rig and the Fuel and Supplies used in the test run.



To see my Test Run video of the SV17 check here:


Updated: April 7, 2011 — 5:35 PM


  1. I had one of these. Nice running engine, but suggest its only viable as a 60 2 stroke alternative in a scale lane. My Magnum 91FS has much more power. I initially used it in a Seagull Edge 540 V2 60 sized. Not enough power, and quite heavy. I replaced with a lighter/smaller RCGF 15cc gasser and it had tons more power to fly the Edge properly; the SV 17cc just managed to keep the plane in the air!

    SV17cc is 1.6Bhp, 15cc RCGF is 2.1 Bhp. that makes a big difference and both are similarly priced.

  2. Good to see an Engine reviewer mention the use of two stroke engine oil to be of air-cooled specification and not just 2 stroke oil as used in water cooled mopeds.

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