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MaxAmps 1050Mah & 1450Mah Graphene LiPos

MaxAmps 1050Mah & 1450Mah Graphene LiPos

From MaxAmps.com: MaxAmps is proud to release the 1050Mah and 1450Mah Graphene line of Lipo batteries. Better energy density means less weight and more flight time. Get more from FPV today! Get an edge on the competition with our powerful 175C rated Graphene LiPo batteries. This new graphene technology provides incredible benefits including: High power […]
This MaxAmps pack has a whopping 150C charge rate, so it can be charged very quickly.

LiPo C-Ratings and What They Mean

What do charge rates mean, and is there a noticeable performance difference between high and low rated packs? Charge rates are just what they sound like. It is the amp rate at which you are capable of charging a specific battery pack. Most commonly you will see this at 1C, 2C, and all the way […]
Venom Fly 600x120
Battery Talk: What the Numbers Mean

Battery Talk: What the Numbers Mean

Every now and then I get a question from someone at an RC field, and it’s nearly always the same question: “How many milliamps is that battery?” The first time I heard that, I didn’t know how to respond because the question didn’t make sense to me. So my “What do you mean?” response resulted […]
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