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battery chargers

Top Chargers

Top Chargers

Every RC pilot needs a charger, so we set out to test out some of the most popular chargers available so that you can see which one is perfect for your needs. We found that the menu structures of many of these machines are similar in design, so once you learn one you can operate just […]
Hitec Phantom X4 Charger

Hitec Phantom X4 Charger

From Hitec: Attention All DJI™ Phantom Phanatics! Hitec’s Phantom X4 Charger is our four-channel battery charger designed and built exclusively for charging, storing and deep cycling four DJI Phantom™ 3 and DJI Phantom™ 4* Smart Batteries simultaneously. In addition, two smart devices can be charged via USB ports and two remote controllers can be charged […]
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