This MaxAmps pack has a whopping 150C charge rate, so it can be charged very quickly.

LiPo C-Ratings and What They Mean

What do charge rates mean, and is there a noticeable performance difference between high and low rated packs? Charge rates are just what they sound like. It is the amp rate at which you are capable of charging a specific battery pack. Most commonly you will see this at 1C, 2C, and all the way […]
MaxAmps 1350mah 150C FPV Battery Packs

MaxAmps 1350mah 150C FPV Battery Packs

From We have a new FPV racing ‘bat’tery sure to create a scare for your competition. The new 1350mah 150C FPV battery packs a serious punch. Available in any voltage with 10AWG standard. These 150C rated LiPo batteries will take your high-demand flight applications like FPV racing to the next level of power and […]
Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | MPI’s Insta Check Pro

MPI’s Insta Check Pro

This newly improved voltage checker is something I use all the time. The previous version used LED’s to show the condition of the battery, but only measured 4 and 5-cell NiCd/NiMH batteries, or 2-cell LiPo’s, with a maximum voltage of 15v. The newest model now provides an easy to read LCD screen with voltage to 20v, battery […]
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