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engine maintenance

Pro Tips to Clean your 2-Stroke Engine

Pro Tips to Clean your 2-Stroke Engine

Weather too windy or rainy to fly this weekend? Use your downtime to make the upcoming flying season more successful! This classic how-to from the engine master Dave Gierke details all the steps to cleaning your nitro engine. During a recent flying session, your engine let you down big time: it flamed out during a hovering maneuver […]
Engine Tip: Fuel Fitting Rebuild

Engine Tip: Fuel Fitting Rebuild

The secret to a reliably running engine is a reliable fuel system that has been installed and maintained correctly. For glow and gasoline systems, this includes the proper use and upkeep of the fueling valves used to fill and empty the tank. Prolonged use and/or lack of use of your fueling valve can result in […]
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