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painting fabric

Painting Fabric Covered Models

Painting Fabric Covered Models

When it comes to producing a smooth paint job over fabric covered RC models, the best and quickest paint to use is Poly Tone and it’s various finishing and coating products. Available from F&M Enterprises, all the products are formulated to work with each other and they are extremely easy to use. I use a […]
Fabric Covering for Scale RC Airplanes — Video How To

Fabric Covering for Scale RC Airplanes — Video How To

We’ve received several emails asking about covering scale models. While I was building my the 1/4-scale Sopwith Camel project, I wrote this post that goes into detail about what required. Your response was impressive and many of you asked about Scale Stits Fabric and Poly Tak adhesive. So, I broke out the video camera in the […]
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