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Pro Tips for Spray Painting

Pro Tips for Spray Painting

Here’s a great workshop technique from editor Gerry Yarrish’s workshop. Over the years, the products may have changed but today, painting your model airplane with “rattle can” spray paint is a less expensive alternative than using an air compressor and an automotive touch-up gun. When you start building models that have formed plastic or fiberglass parts such […]
Painting an RC Warbird, Part 3

Painting an RC Warbird, Part 3

Lane Crabtree has been detailing how he painted his CARF Models P-51. He started by documenting how he primed and painted the silver and olive drab, and last week he masked the canopy and created the stars and bars. In this installment, Lane applies squadron markings and the checkerboard pattern. Now comes the Squadron ID alpha-numerics […]
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