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star wars

RC Star Wars Snowspeeder vs. AT-AT

RC Star Wars Snowspeeder vs. AT-AT

Our buddy Adam Woodworth is always coming up with cool RC Stars Wars projects (like this Storm Trooper), and his latest one is awesome: an twin-motor Alliance Snowspeeder that takes out an AT-AT. Adam explains how he came up with the project: “I was walking around Home Depot, when I came across a giant inflatable […]
RC Model “Podracers” Take Center Stage

RC Model “Podracers” Take Center Stage

OK, I know what you’re thinking: what on earth is that?! But trust me, these indoor fliers are incredibly cool little machines. Flown at the recent Modell-Hobby-Spiel Fair in Leipzig, Germany, these Star Wars podracers appear to have a t-shaped carbon-fiber frame that holds the battery and electronics. Two foam shrouds each house a forward-facing […]
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