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Hacker Ditex Telemetry Servos

Hacker Ditex Telemetry Servos

WHAT IF? Hacker’s engineers like to ask that question. What if there was a way to get extreme accuracy AND eliminate a point of failure that has plagued traditional servos for many years? What if there was a way to manage a servo motor so it produces more torque AND draws less power? What if […]
Graupner HoTT Telemetry Sensor GPS & Variometer

Graupner HoTT Telemetry Sensor GPS & Variometer

From Esprit Tech: Utilizing u-blox 8 GPS receiver technology and GPS/GLONASS satellites, the Graupner HoTT Alpha GPS/Vario Module is our next generation of faster and more accurate positioning services. Ideal for multirotor, airplanes, cars and boats, the GPS sensor provides real-time information on altitude, flight location, distance, speed display, travel direction display, coordinates, and more. […]
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