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That settles it, VP gas for me.

That settles it, VP gas for me.

Well now that my Man Clarence Lee said I should buy it, it looks like I am changing my gas for the bigger aircraft.  I was able to check this fuel out a little over a year ago and found it to be very good.  But when the expert gives his opinion you can bet your #$% I am going to listen.  Here is some of what Clarence has to say:

This past year we have kicked around the topic of ethanol in gasoline and the effect it has on our gasoline-burning model engines. I have always recommended Coleman stove and lamp fuel as an alternative.  Well now there is a new kid on the block in the model engine fuel business—VP Racing Fuels. VP has been in the business of providing high- octane racing fuel to the automotive and aircraft industry including the full size Reno pylon racers, drag strip racers, etc., for over 30 years so they are not really new to the fuel business—just the model engine end. We first brought VP Racing Gas as a source of ethanol-free gasoline to our reader’s attention back in the May 2010 column.

Check out everything Clarence Lee has to say in the September issue of Model Airplane News.

Updated: June 21, 2011 — 5:42 PM

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