Great Planes ARFS to the Classy Lady!

Great Planes ARFS to the Classy Lady!

The Carl Goldberg Classics® Sophisticated Lady and Gentle Lady have long been recognized as two of America’s favorite sailplanes. Now, Great Planes® has updated these classics for today’s avid glider enthusiasts. The airframes on both have been re-engineered with laser-cut, interlocking parts for even greater strength and straightness. And while they now arrive covered in genuine MonoKote® film, they feature the same trim schemes as the iconic originals. But they do more than mirror the originals’ good looks; they also offer the same gentle handling that sport pilots enjoy and first-time pilots need. Their high-wing design makes them stable and easy to handle even at the low speeds new pilots prefer. They’re forgiving teachers for first-timers, relaxing for old pros and ready to start chasing thermals in just a few hours.

Sophisticated Lady™ ARF:

ü  Lightweight balsa/ply construction with built-up wings

ü  A graceful, T-tailed soarer that can handle turbulence like a champ

ü  Radio compartment is reinforced by plywood

ü  Decals and instructions included


Wingspan: 78 in (1980 mm)

Weight: 27-30 oz (765-850 g)

Length: 42 in ((1060 mm)

GPMA1959    Sophisticated Lady ARF        Retail: $159.99   Street: $109.99

the Sophisticated Lady  ARF will be available early April.

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 4:56 PM
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