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After his “Best of Show” win at RCX 2009, we got a chance to sit down with builder Les Espolt and ask him some questions about his great-looking Ryan STA Special.

MAN: Les, this plane started out as a kit, is that correct?

Les: yes, it started out as a Sig Ryan STA special Craftsman Kit.  These kits are no longer made.  In fact it was already out of production when I finally found one and started it.

MAN: when did you start on it?

Les: About 4 ½ years ago, but I did take my time, but I would say that I spent about 20 hours a week on it. Most of my time was spent making sure everything went in the correct spot on the model so that it exactly matched up with the full size three-view drawings and photos.

MAN: What did you use for the rivets and how many are there?

Les: I used small headed pins for the rivets.  The Sig drawings that came with that plane were really good and every place there was a rivet or screw on the three-view I made sure I had a rivet or screw on my model.  I did not count the pins but judging by the number of packs I opened there are somewhere between 2500 and 3000 pins in this model.

MAN: what’s next?

Les: I am starting a new plane soon and you will see it in 4 or 5 years. <Les chuckles>

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