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Reverse Cuban-8 Maneuver

Reverse Cuban-8 Maneuver

This week we are doing the Reverse Cuban-8 with half rolls.  In this video Jason Benson shows us how to perform the Reverse Cuban-8 with half rolls with some helpful tips to guide you through this great looking maneuver.


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Updated: August 15, 2013 — 9:58 AM
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  1. Looks like an “outside” Cuban Eight to me… cool stuff, and different.

  2. Nice twist on an old maneuver.. I look forward to practicing it.. Thanks for the article…

  3. It would be great to see the maneuver at least once with less zoom (in the main view) so that horizon reference could be seen.

  4. What mode is the pilot flying?.
    Seems to me he flies mode one.

  5. Nope. Mode two. Rudder & throttle on left stick.

  6. If the looping parts are with push elevator (canopy to the outside) vs normal being pull (canopy to the inside) then its an outside ____ (whatever maneuver)

    He actually performed an outside Cuban 8 with entry from the top. (rolls on downline = not reverse)

    Normal Cuban is Pull through 5/8 loop, 1/2 roll (on 45 downline) pull through 3/4 loop, 1/2 roll on (45 downline) , pull 1/8 loop to level… exit maneuver

    Reverse Cuban 8 is pull 1/8 loop, 1/2 roll (on 45 upline), Pull 3/4 loop, 1/2 roll (45 upline) pull 5/8 loop to level… exit maneuver.


    The flying was good… but the maneuver performed is not what you called it.

  7. What plane mfg.?

  8. Hey, can you guys do a write up on pattern flying? A good explanation of F3A would be cool too.

    Thanks for these email updates and mini online content. They come in very handy for a newbie.

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