The Lomcevak: The Classic RC Manuver

The Lomcevak: The Classic RC Manuver

As aerobatic RC pilots develop their skills, it’s natural to try different control inputs while flying. And quite often new aerobatic maneuvers are discovered by pushing the envelope. The classic Lomcevak is a tumbling maneuver where the aircraft’s tail rotates in front of the engine throughout the maneuver. The maneuver has Eastern European roots and the word “lomcevak” translates to headache.

To properly execute this maneuver, you need to apply proper control inputs at precisely the correct time. To consistently execute the maneuver, your aircraft will need to be properly tuned and set up. It must have the proper center of ...

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  1. These – perfectly explained – acro maneuvres in each Newsletter, are they available in a printed folder? If so, where can I order it?

    1. Hi Erich – thanks for your note. Some of the aerobatic maneuvers are available in digital downloads, at

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