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The New High-Quality JR VR6015 Regulator System

The New High-Quality JR VR6015 Regulator System


Designed for RC aircraft and helicopters, the JR VR6015’s DC/DC switch mode system is able to take input voltage up to 8.5V from any 2S Li-Po/Li-Fe battery and provide regulated receiver voltage of 6V at up to 15 amps of current draw. Designed for operation with 2.4GHz systems only, the VR6015 comes with an EC3 connector for input and dual JR plug output leads that utilize a soft-switch.

  • Compatible with 2S Li-Po or Li-Fe battery
  • DC to DC switch mode system
  • Highly efficient heat dissipation
  • Compact sized unit

JRPVR6015   15-Amp, 6V, Dual Output Switching Regulator System. Price to be announced.

Updated: September 8, 2011 — September 8, 2011

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