1. That was fantastic animation and a great story line. I want to see more.

  2. Excellent movie.!!
    Congratulations !!
    One of my favourites, keep it up with the good job.

  3. Wow!

  4. loved it well done, well put together…

  5. loved it!!!

  6. Couldn’t really get past the scientifically retarded premise.

  7. Very nice amazed by the animation and a great story you should be very proud of this work!

  8. A celebration of clouds too, most uncommon! Fabulous!,,

  9. Excellently done! MORE!

  10. Can you make a movie about this…?? :3 :3 plss… 😀

  11. Absolutely amazing 🙂

  12. WOW!!! Really well put together piece!!! Has a Crimson Skies feel to it. Love it!!

  13. A work of art

  14. some of the aircraft are just like Crimson Skies!
    great game

  15. I love creative people. Outstanding.

  16. WOW!!! love it

  17. Brilliant work, fantastic animation and nice story line!

  18. Wonderful, thank you.

  19. I loved the film, the idea, the camera angle work and the creativity. I hated that it had to be corrupted by political correctness. I have to give it a “Meh…” rating.

  20. Awesome very well done. love to see more

  21. tres bien, exelente, super nice.

  22. Outstanding flick. Absolutely loved it.

  23. That was pretty good

  24. More More!!!!!

  25. Wow – this is graphics kicked up a few notches. It’s more than eye candy as, in it’s few minutes, it relies on the viewer’s intelligence to tell a big story. I, too, would like to see more from the folks

  26. This kind of makes you look at a little dark rain cloud in a different way. Maybe we could do something like this in California!

  27. Wonderfully produced short film, BUT there’s a serious flaw in the premise. If there is NO SURFACE water left, then WHERE do the water vapor Clouds generate from ?? They CAN’T. Which is why Mars has no water vapor clouds either. Even someone that took the required High School geography class knows this.

  28. Wonderful, and thought provoking.

  29. Very creative, well thought out, fast moving, Detailed aircraft graphics encourage your eye and imagination to find the airframe sourceses for “parts”…. Great entertainment….. MORE

  30. PERFEITO .

  31. OK Mighty Coconut people please tell me you are working on a full length feature film. This is just way to good to just leave as a great short. I don’t think the theme of a world wide water shortage has ever been done before. So you are probably breaking new ground here. That is hard to do in this day and age. I can’t get my mind around almost all the water on earth disappearing. But this a cartoon and anything is possible in cartoon land.

  32. I loved the story line and animation. Well done and I would welcome any more of this quality.

  33. very good. slightly scary in light of the current potable water issues we have already

  34. It’s like Waterworld, in reverse.

  35. This is a wonderful animation and encompasses all the emotions. Well done .I hope that you will make more great short movies.

  36. This was wonderful in every way. Loved it.

  37. Very well done!

  38. Brilliant, creative stuff! Gives me inspiration to build a model of her cool “Mohawkalina” with the GAU-8 in the nose! Loved it!

  39. Great! Well done!

  40. Give me more!!!

  41. Outstanding animation!! Would love to see a series made for you tube or TV! Thanks for the preview?

  42. A very nice job and a great animation movie !!!

  43. Awsome ,must see more.story line is great.I am a aircraft nut.I recognised the actual planes the animation was based on.

    1. What are they? I’ve been looking for the real aircraft that inspired their ones in the movie

  44. I have watched this at least a dozen times, and it still invokes the same emotional reaction as the first time. Well done!

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