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The Pharoah

The Pharoah

I like airplanes that look like airplanes. You know, they look like you could hop in, ฀re up the go-power, and have a lot of fun ܀ying. I also like a ship with nice lines and moments that just look right. So this time out, I thought a nice, new, original design would be fun. Back when I was 15, I designed a 2m sport glider that I called the “Pharoh” (missing the second “a”). So this time, I went with the proper spelling and added an ancient Egyptian theme. Note the all-over Aztec Gold MonoKote and the general theme of the covering scheme to convey the Egyptian Pharaoh feel. As it turns out, the Pharaoh has become one of my favorite models ever. It ܀ies beautifully and smoothly, and it is very linear for a sport model. It has a relatively light wing loading, and it builds quickly, using commercially available foam cores and canopy. Anyone who has a little building experience should have no problem constructing this. You can order the wing cores (WT-2) from eurekaaircraft.com to go with the plans.

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Updated: March 18, 2019 — 4:31 PM

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