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The Rolling Harrier

The Rolling Harrier

The rolling harrier requires tremendous hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes just to fly it.  While it’s true that the rolling harrier has a certain input rhythm and it will take some time to learn it.  But once a pilot has mastered it, that same input can be applied to many other rolling harrier maneuvers.  To make the most of every attempt, you’ll need to thoroughly visualize this maneuver with a hand-held stick model until you are confident that you understand all the steps involved. Then watch the video to see the transmitter stick movements as they relate to the plane during the rolling harrier.  After a while you will see the connection and be able to perform this impressive maneuver all the time.  Out thanks to Rocky McCarter for his talented demonstration of this complex maneuver.

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Updated: July 2, 2013 — 12:00 PM
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  1. Good job on the demo! Unfortunately the TX view timing is off in correlation to the flight video. The pilot seems to be giving up elevator when down is applied in the flight video. Same with rudder inputs.

  2. Wow! That’s JUST the way I do them! Ha ha ha ha ha AAAAAARGH!!!

  3. so much easier for the mode 1 pilots… Set the throttle and ailerons on the right stick….
    “Stir Coffee” on the left stick…

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