The Stall Turn

The Stall Turn

The stall turn is one of those maneuvers that can be flown with just about any airplane. When performed correctly and with control, the stall turn will get attention every time it is performed.  But how do you master it? The short answer is lots of practice. But learning the correct stick movements during the maneuver will help advance your skills much faster. That’s why we enlisted Jason Benson to answer some questions on when and how to move the sticks.

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Updated: July 23, 2015 — 9:00 AM


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  1. So where’s the stik movements?

  2. Nice illustration of the maneuver. Thanks for the tips. What field are your videos filmed at?

  3. Thanks – I have been doing these for a long time, but the “pearl” for me was the concept of throttle to hover.

    I had someone look over my shoulder as I did them, and “low and behold” I was doing about 1/4 throttle unconsciously. This is a bit below “hover throttle” – so I had a bit of “timing” still in the process.

    Very comfortable flying to hover throttle and airspeed – now I will just use that as a way point in the manuever.

    Making this explicit in my brain is going to help


    IMAC style spins as a future topic? Another one that has the stall as a pre-req for the proper manuever.

  4. Practice making your climb to and decent from the hammer head straight up and down. When watching pattern fliers in this maneuver, it a lot nicer performance when done vertical .. makes it look so much better !

  5. yes it is fun doing it and knowing how to do it is a plus it saved my model a couple off time but you have to be high an off to get back to the runway if it is clear for landing instead of landing in the field and your out of airspeed with a tailwind going down quickly will give you back airspeed if your engine is out,but if your to low, well keep going strait if you can. the hammerhead it really practical and fun to master and helpful during flight and with the extra tips and refinement you gave on this video I surely will become even more proficient at it thanks a lot for your expertise Frank from Montreal

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